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Louisiana Children’s Museum

New Orleans, Louisiana

This new construction facility features 56,000 square feet of cultural, kid-friendly exhibits within 8.5 acres of land in City Park. Architects Mithun and Waggonner & Ball teamed up to design this modern 2-story, eco-friendly structure. Awarded LEED Silver, the Louisiana Children’s Museum is the first LEED Certified building in City Park. New trees were planted alongside those existing on site, and the picturesque lagoon was restored. A new 15,000-gallon cistern is also on site to collect rainwater for later use.

The structure is designed to resist hurricanes and floods, and is built to be tolerant of Louisiana’s hot and humid climate. Much of the building is non-combustible concrete slab held above grade by concrete piles. Fiber cement cladding is installed in a rainscreen manner over a steel-framed backup wall. The roofing system is non-vented metal paneling with insulation constructed over a steel deck.

JRS provided focused consulting services centered on thermal insulation, condensation risk mitigation, air tightness, and exterior wall design. Given the nature of the climate and the ground moisture at this site, careful analysis, modeling, and creative solutions were needed to ensure the unique building is durable, resilient, and energy efficient. JRS collaborated with the lead architect and provided peer review of their documents.


Renderings of the Louisiana Children’s Museum at City Park courtesy of Mithun.


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