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What We Do

JRS Building Science provides professional building envelope consulting services for buildings of any type and size.

From investigations and assessments to new construction, rehabilitation, and repairs, JRS’s goal is to deliver high-performance buildings that offer our clients improved durability, energy efficiency, and value.

Our diverse portfolio includes hands-on experience with a myriad of envelope systems, materials, and building types. Please visit our Projects Gallery to learn about specific JRS projects.


We do not offer engineering services or operate an engineering practice in North Carolina.


Existing Buildings

A significant portion of JRS’s business focuses on assessing and working on existing buildings and helping property managers.

Whether the focus is window assemblies, wall systems, balconies, or parking structures, JRS has a long history and thorough understanding of renewing building envelope assemblies, rehabilitating deteriorated buildings, and preserving historic structures. We’re also the “go-to” firm for depreciation reports, warranty reviews, building condition assessments, leak investigations, and parking structure/concrete reviews. We have worked with hundreds of property management companies, law firms, insurance companies, homeowner associations, and co-op/condo boards throughout the years.

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One of JRS’s primary specialties is designing and managing building envelope repair projects. We have completed numerous rehabilitation projects and architectural updates on buildings of many construction types. Our projects range from small targeted repairs to full-scale complete building envelope renewals, where our in-house architects provide architectural renderings to show visual options.

Our project types include:

  • Roofing replacements
  • Cladding renewals
  • Window upgrades
  • Balcony rehabilitation
  • Painting and sealant projects
  • Parking lot and concrete restoration
  • Waterproofing repairs
  • Historic building preservation

Related testing and services:

  • Concrete sounding surveys
  • Leak investigation and membrane scans
  • Paint and membrane adhesion testing
  • Water and flood testing
  • Infrared scanning for air and water leaks

JRS has a significant amount of experience working with property managers and building owners—from the discovery of a building envelope issue, all the way through fixing the problem. This includes early assessments, attending annual or special general meetings, providing strategy on funding, executing a proper bid, navigating the permit processes, signing off on the project, and coordinating all the relevant insurance, bonding, and warranty documents.


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New Construction

JRS provides practical, effective building envelope solutions to help architects and developers deliver high-performance buildings affordably.

With our knowledge and experience, JRS can help maximize your building envelope’s performance and avoid potential costly issues and construction delays.

Our core business of building envelope construction, failure investigation, and repair gives us a deep understanding of what is needed—both theoretically and in practice—to make building envelopes perform exceptionally well. We know what works and what doesn’t, and how to help architects, developers, and owners save time and money, freeing them up to focus on other critical aspects of their design and construction projects.

JRS’s services for new construction include:

  • Design support & assistance
  • Construction documents reviews
  • Full envelope design & detailing
  • Tendering support & bid evaluation
  • Shop drawing reviews
  • Review of submittals & RFIs
  • Field reviews & reporting
  • Performance testing
  • LEED support & documentation
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Roofing & Waterproofing

JRS provides realistic, affordable, and constructible roofing and waterproofing solutions designed to perform over the long term.

At JRS we focus on roofing and waterproofing. Our staff take specialized training to be aware of all roofing and waterproofing systems available on the market, and have even helped manufacturers develop a few. Having a broad experience in roofing systems means we don’t believe one roofing or waterproofing product is suitable for every application. Our philosophy is to provide you with the pros and cons of each system, make our recommendation, and help you make an informed decision.

Roofing and waterproofing is a specialized area of the building envelope, and not everyone fully appreciates the intricacies of how these systems tie together. Our experience will help maximize your building’s overall performance.

JRS’s roofing and waterproofing staff are specially trained. We have many Registered Roof Observers and a Registered Roof Consultant.

We work with a wide variety of types of roofing systems, including:

  • TPO/PVC roof assemblies
  • SBS modified bituminous roofing
  • Pitched asphalt roofing
  • Metal panel systems
  • Concrete, clay, or slate tile
  • EPDM roof assemblies
  • Liquid roof membranes
  • Pitched cedar roofing
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Design Services

As building enclosures become increasingly complex and performance driven, it is valuable to involve a specialist consultant in helping to realize the enclosure design.

Whether as a subconsultant to an architect for a new construction project or as the lead design professional on an existing building rehabilitation, JRS provides a wide range of design services to help each project reach its building enclosure goals. From producing architectural design packages to providing peer review, each project has an approach tailored to suit our clients’ needs.

Design Assistance and Design Review. JRS can help design teams develop building enclosure components, systems, and details. This collaborative process includes assistance with material and system selection, mark-up of architects’ drawings and specifications, and production of guide details and written review reports. Services can be provided at any phase, and are defined to cater to individual project needs and goals.

Enclosure Design and Detail Production. In many instances, it makes sense for the building enclosure consultant to produce details and construction documents for the building enclosure, allowing architects to focus more on the architecture. As a design firm first, JRS has the technical knowledge and capability to produce high-quality construction documents for building enclosure components. Because every building has unique qualities and project-specific conditions, our design packages are much more than just standard details. We produce custom details for each job that are critical for construction teams to implement. We also produce written specifications that define material selections and installation methods.

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Construction Services

During construction, implementing design intent is critical for realizing durable, high-performance structures. JRS's services during construction help project teams follow through on design intent.

Construction Administration. This includes reviewing submittals, shop drawings, RFIs, pay applications, and other elements to cross-check contractors’ documentation with design documents. Documentation is an important part of the process, and JRS brings value to project teams with our technical knowledge in this area.

Field Reviews. JRS’s participation on construction sites is a fundamental service. We observe mock-ups, attend pre-construction meetings with subcontractors, and review work in progress. These visits are critical for follow-through on implementing design intent.

Quality Assurance/Control Program Development. To support both owners and contractors, JRS helps contractors and subcontractors develop quality control programs. This helps maintain controlled processes and procedures through component and building assembly.

Third-Party Inspections. With our building science expertise, we can provide independent review of buildings and components to evaluate whether construction is being completed per manufacturer and design requirements.

Building Envelope Commissioning. Enclosure commissioning (BECx) is a process that starts in design and carries through construction. It encompasses design review, construction documentation, and some testing. We have experience and expertise with rigorous commissioning requirements, and can help projects meet LEED V4 commissioning and State requirements.

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Testing & Diagnostics

Qualitative and quantitative testing services provide evidence that completed components and buildings are constructed to meet design requirements.

Testing and diagnostic tools are used to evaluate construction quality, as part of commissioning programs, or as diagnostics to evaluate issues.

Infrared Thermal Imaging. JRS has the equipment and trained personnel to conduct infrared imaging analysis. This diagnostic tool measures surface temperatures and temperature differentials that help indicate trapped water, air leakage, and thermal bridging.

Whole Building Air Leakage Testing. Whether as a diagnostic tool or to meet Energy Code-required testing, JRS has been conducting whole building air leakage testing since 2010. We are leaders in this area and can conduct tests to meet a variety of testing protocols. Results are both qualitative and quantitative.

Blower Door Testing. Many projects require compartmentalization or assembly air leakage testing to meet LEED requirements or verify design goals for air barrier separations. We have the right equipment, personnel, and expertise to perform this testing.

Water Penetration Testing. Installed glazing systems benefit from water tests to check their performance and integration into buildings. We have the expertise and equipment to conduct tests with and without induced pressure.

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Energy Services

JRS helps building owners, developers, architects, and property managers to optimize building energy performance economically and practically

Whenever there is a demand for high performance or green building designs, or building upgrades/renovations, energy services from JRS will always provide your project with value. JRS provides a wide range of energy services, from energy auditing and energy use assessments to complex energy modeling for all building types and sizes.

Some of our energy services include:

  • Building Permit/Code Compliance Energy Modeling
  • LEED® Energy Modeling
  • Built Green Energy Modeling
  • LEED® Energy Model Review/Third Party Energy Model Review
  • Energy Assessments for existing residential buildings and commercial buildings

Members of our team have completed more than 200 projects in energy modeling for new construction and energy assessments for existing buildings located throughout Canada and the United States.

In addition, we have Certified Passive House Designers (CPHDs), which allow us to work on Passive House projects. Team members are experienced with the most current energy modeling software.

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