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Jesse Kinsley

Building Science Specialist
Durham, North Carolina

After years of working on projects from JRS’s Seattle office, Jesse Kinsley returned to North Carolina to forge a new company frontier. With a foundation in construction and a building science degree, Jesse brings with him expertise in building sciences and complex building enclosure design rooted in constructability.

Jesse produces construction documents and performs site investigation for a variety of design and construction projects. He can also perform whole building air leakage testing, and is a Level 1 Thermographer. His experience prior to JRS includes over five years of construction and renovation work within North Carolina. As Assistant Project Manager for a construction company, he coordinated site work and subcontractors for custom home projects, reviewed finished work for compliance, and helped manage client relations. As Building Coordinator for his own construction and renovation business he provided project leadership, secured bids and projects, hired employees, managed projects and finances, and procured equipment. He also worked in carpentry positions for several companies.

Buildings and their construction are more than a career for Jesse – his passion began at age 7 helping his father on job sites. Jesse enjoys challenging himself on residential and commercial construction projects, and values the importance of growing his technical knowledge base and expertise in best practice to better solve problems – both in design work and on the job site. Jesse feels that because buildings are one of the few things we create that will outlive us, it is of the utmost importance that we create the best structures we can.


We do not offer engineering services or operate an engineering practice in North Carolina.


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