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Scott Croasdale

M.Eng., P.Eng., PE, Principal

A Principal of JRS, Scott Croasdale is an energetic and creative force igniting our vision for building excellence. With over 25 years in new construction and rehabilitation project consulting throughout Western Canada and the Northwestern United States, Scott provides innovative and effective solutions to a variety of challenges. He directs JRS’ design activities, specifications development, drawing review, facade engineering, contract administration, field reviews, and testing and project management for new construction and rehabilitation projects. His broad range of expertise includes evaluation of the thermal performance of various assemblies and design of fenestration roof and cladding attachment systems.

An industry leader, Scott was instrumental in developing and patenting CI-Girt System by Knight Wall Systems, which allows for installation of Knight’s modular cladding over truly continuous insulation for an ultra-efficient building envelope that meets ASHRAE 90.1 requirements for continuous insulation resulting in an airtight and thermally efficient wall system. He also developed energy improvements to Knight’s MFI system.

Due to his in-depth knowledge and long-standing industry reputation, Scott is frequently sought after to provide professional litigation support services, including the documentation and presentation of evidence for mediation and/or litigation.


We do not offer engineering services or operate an engineering practice in North Carolina.


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